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Pants-01 are our technical take on a casual dress pant. 


We sourced a serious fabric from Schoeller in Switzerland. It's designed to make you look presentable without any sacrifice on functionality. You can sweat, get caught in the rain or spill your drink on these pants without worrying. They adapt to regulate your temperature if you're feeling hot or cold. In addition to this, the fabric features 4-way stretch, abrasion resistance, moisture control, and water repellence.


There are three Cobrax snaps built into the waistband. There is a Riri zipper fly with a pull that locks down. There is an additional Riri zipper on the phone pocket. 

Additional Details:

There is a zippered side pocket that will fit your iPhone. This will prevent the rectangle outline on the front of your thigh. There is a credit card sized sub-pocket inside your right front pocket. 


Model is 6'1" wearing a Size 2.

 Size Waist Inseam
1 30" 32"
2 32" 32"
3 34" 34"
4 36" 34"
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