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Architectural Cuffs • Made in USA • Free Global Shipping

HNDSM is based in New York City. We create jewelry that is made in The United States. We have grown up in different cities, travelled frequently and aspire to experience more.

Our collection is inspired by the transformative nature that cities have on individuals. Cities can evoke a feeling of home, family, nostalgia, inspiration and aspirations. We have heard many stories of childhood towns, current homes, transformative trips and cities one aspires to live in. We hope that our cuffs can provide a memento for the cities that you hold close.

We wanted to create a collection that was wholly considered. After a year of development, we were able to create something we were proud to share. The laser etching, precise designs, US production and Italian-leather cases all reflect this vision.

Est. 2007

Email: info@hndsm.com
Instagram: @hndsm
Facebook: facebook.com/hndsm

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