Established in 2010. New York, NY. 

Inspired by great global cities. Bringing functionality and fun into every day life.

Our jewelry serves as a memento for a special place. It will bring you to where you grew up, a significant trip or the new city you moved to. It can be a nudge to go to that place you wish to visit or simply a reminder of home.

Our candles will transform your space to reflect the experiences and energy in exceptional cities with thoughtfully curated scent profiles that tell a story.  

Our apparel is ideal for city life as well as an active lifestyle. It is functional with a contemporary aesthetic because we want you to be comfortable and look good. We will give you the t-shirt you always reach for in your closet; that super soft, reliable tee. Whether you are heading out for a flight, a date or a meeting, or even running a marathon, our merino wool shirts will serve you well.

All of our products are unisex and made in Canada or USA, a good amount of which are assembled in New York’s historic Garment District. This allows us to work hand in hand with the people that are bringing our visions to life. We look at every angle and every stitch because quality and excellence matter to us. 

We care about the function. We care about longevity. We care about the details.

Be well,