We are living in a scary time. None of us have really experienced a pandemic of this magnitude in our lifetime and in these uncertain times, many of us are feeling at a loss. That is okay.

We firmly believe that if we all work together, things can get a little better, one day at a time. We feel it is our responsibility to implore our community to do whatever is in your hands to take preventative measures with respect to this virus. Please don’t be dismissive of all of the information and the advisories at hand. If you are able, social distancing and staying at home means we are doing our part to help the world at large. Let us listen, learn and adapt to this new reality. To all those that are physically affected by the illness, our thoughts are with you for a smooth and speedy recovery.

At HNDSM, we are trying to convert fear into fearlessness. This simply means the energy which we are projecting to our community is compassionate, kind, supportive and strong. Thank you to everyone that supports us and other small businesses.

Be well,
Nunu and AJ

March 17, 2020

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