Reception has been one of our favorite recent discoveries. The French brand has an energy and aesthetic that blends skate culture, 90s references, and European manufacturing. It is no surprise that Reception has been appreciated by exceptional shops including Goodhood, Browns, Union and Bodega. 

We had a chance to catch up with Pierre, the down to earth founder, for a Peer Portraits Short:

Recommendations in New York:

Pierre: Go to Fanelli’s Cafe at Prince and Mercer. It’s an old pub, one of the oldest pubs in the city. That’s really a good place. That would be one recommendation and my second recommendation will be Babs, a restaurant by my friends on MacDougal. They serve South-West French and Spanish cuisine. We made a t-shirt about that place as a tribute. I would say those, from a food point of view. And, just walk. Walk the city as much as you can. 

Travel essentials:

Pierre: I always travel with the same pair of pants. I bought them in Tokyo from the brand Minotaur. They’re super stretchy, but they look like a proper suit trouser; quite wide and super comfy. And, always try to look for your seat before. Spend a bit more money to get a seat that is on the aisle or has a bit more room. Be patient is the last one. 

Favorite time of the day:

Pierre: The time you relax. Whether it is meeting people or looking after my kids. Being with my wife, drinking a glass of wine, generally, it’s one of the best moments. I also like right when I wake up, the moment where I organize my day, see what you have to do. Those would be the two moments I like. 

March 17, 2020

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