The artist Tim Comix, was born and is based in Mexico City. Both AJ and I absolutely love his work.

Tell us about what brought you to where you are now as an artist.
I have drawn since I was a child. I think that the discipline of drawing or painting is something natural in me. I like to draw how I feel, things that I like and things that I do not. It is as if it were a kind of diary that I have written for a long time.

Can you give us some insight into your process and how you create your art?
I almost always start with some feeling that I would like to lead to images. It may be about an experience I had, some lyrics of a song I identify with or something that is happening in my environment, not necessarily something personal. Sometimes I put together several of these things to represent some other feeling, or return to some initial idea to change the meaning a bit by adding or removing an element.

Who are your favorite artists?
Kids art. I like the naturalness and energy with which they draw. Kids' drawings rule.

What is something you believe everyone should experience in their life?
I think my answer would be to experience things that everyone should have access to and that many do not have. Food, water, a home, because I could say something but in each place the conditions are different.

Do you have any favorite grounding rituals?
Before the pandemic I used to go with my dog to a large green area and we would spend a while lying on the grass, My dog Dadito, is very special to me. RIP.
What do you most look forward to when the pandemic is over?
That we have more awareness and act on what harms the planet the most, things like the consumption of animal products, which is completely unnecessary.

Can you tell us about some of your favorite spots where you are based?
I like to walk in the city, I don't have many favorite places. Sometimes I go out to eat or drink something - I like vegan tacos. I also like to go to the Chapultepec forest, the largest park in Mexico city.
August 03, 2021

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