We have known Kate since our early days in college. Her love for music, writing and photography has always been apparent and we really enjoy her unique perspective and aesthetic. Kate actually shot one of HNDSM's first look books in the Arizona dessert over ten years ago! She recently photographed our Be Well candles on film - check out some of the images here, along with her interview!

My name is Kate, I am a mother, and I like to express myself through photographs and written word. 

Tell us about what brought you to where you are now, personally and professionally.

Both the ability and the desire to spend time with myself is something that I cherish and find strength in. It’s been a unique and valuable part of my life trip. If you can be your own best company, I think that is a very powerful thing. In fact, some of my favourite memories come from solo excursions, like the time(s) I took myself to the planetarium. 

I struggle with the word “professional” for myself unless we’re talking about compulsive rearranging or collecting rocks. As a “creative” “human”, all I’m doing is feeding my own soul with the process, in its entirety, of image making, whether it’s for myself or for someone else. I rarely lend myself out anymore, though. I mostly keep my work to myself. For now. 

What is something you believe everyone should experience in their life?

At least one rave.

What was your favorite moment today?

Walking along the tide pools on the beach this morning with my family. 

Do you have any favorite grounding rituals?

Whether it’s 10 pages or simply a word I like, I write something down each day.

Absent-minded drawing. 

Going outside.

Being in or around water…. interacting with it in some way. If I’m feeling anxious, I drink a cold glass of water. If I feel like a leaf in the wind, I stand under a hot shower. The sound of sprinklers is enough to put me in place. Marigold, my daughter, is the same way. We used to run the tap if she lost her cool, and it calmed her instantly. 

Any advice you can give to people starting out as a creative, in and out of the current context? 





What do you most look forward to when the pandemic is over?

yessssszzzzzzrrrrr nrrrrrrrrt

(My daughter typed that, and we are of one mind. Defective robot noise, final answer.)

Can you tell us about some of your favorite spots in Florida (or anywhere else that is familiar)? 

If I were looking for me, I’d first check off the local botanical gardens and surrounding garden centres. Not there? Then I’m probably buried in my own garden, or off admiring someone else’s. No? Then I’m definitely at Target.

All photos by Kate Edmonson

June 10, 2021

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