Kyle, the founder of Gramparents, is a friend and colleague of HNDSM. He is kind, calm and one of the most sociable people we know. You can catch him cycling through Brooklyn or on an adventure in Colorado. Check out his interview below! 

What inspired you to start Gramparents?

I think I’m an old soul to begin with. I like old things. Old cars, old clothes, old music. I’m a firm believer in “if it ain’t broke...don’t fix it” and I don’t really believe that new is better. I also just appreciate the elderly and the stories they tell. And they are a constant reminder not to over think things.  

What are your favorite places to experience nature? 

My favorite places are new places. There’s nothing like being in a place you have never been to. A new trail or peak to see a view you have never experienced. They all have something amazing in store that the last couldn’t offer. 

Kyle, Gramparents

What is something you believe everyone should experience in their life?

I think it’s not fun but the life lessons you receive from hardship are the greatest lessons you will ever learn. They make you a stronger and you always come out a better person than before you went in. I don’t wish hardship or struggle on anyone but you have to pull an arrow back in order for it to shoot forward. 

What was your favorite moment today and do you have any favorite grounding rituals?

My favorite moment of everyday is that first breath of air when stepping out for the first time and a cup of tea in the morning is my usual daily ritual.

Do you have any work from home essentials? How are you adapting to this new reality? 

I never thought I’d ever have a car in NYC but during the pandemic it has been a great tool for weekend adventures and crazy trips. Just being able to step outside of the city and upstate for some breathing room or cross country for a few weeks in the mountains. 

Any advice you can give to young creatives in and out of the current context of the virus?

Our biggest test of our creativity is how we can learn to evolve in and adapt to the new life we are living. We can’t wait to go back to normal, we have to create our new normal. 

Can you tell us about some of your favorite spots in NYC?

When I am in town these days I stick to the parks. Wether I’m riding the bike or just walking or reading a book the parks are the best thing going. Early mornings are the best.

January 07, 2021

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