Love Your City is a HNDSM series where people share stories about their city and what it means to them. Here is Anna's experience with her city, Vancouver.

"When talking about Vancouver there is a rightfully obvious highlight, the nature that surrounds and immerses the city. I am in awe of it daily and I hope and expect never to get used to it. No matter where you are in town you can catch a glimpse (at least) of the ocean, the mountains, or likely both at once. No matter what season you can find flowers blooming. Coming from the prairies, it never ceases to amaze. 

Knowing that a walk through coastal rainforest, a swim at a secluded beach, skiing, hiking, or a visit to a nearby island are all so accessible, some within minutes, gives a sense that there is always something to look forward to even when I have no specific plan. I grew up loving nature but moving here instantly and continually evolves the way I value the natural world. 

Nature aside, the city itself takes knowing. It feels like there is a secret Vancouver and subtle sub-cultures operating on a level that’s just for people who live here. I didn’t see it as a visitor and I’m sure I’ve only seen a fraction of it as a relative newcomer. Perhaps all cities are that way, but this is only the second city I’ve lived in so it’s been a novelty to discover." 

Words and photos by Anna McDonough.

February 25, 2021

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