Love Your City is a series where people share stories about their city and what it means to them. As Toronto natives ourselves, it is lovely for us to reflect on Laya's experience of her city.

"For many years my relationship with Toronto could be defined as "it's complicated". Growing up here, I always felt a dueling sense of comfort and restlessness. The restlessness is the reason I left, chasing a feeling that there was more to explore. After many years, the comfort is what drew me back.

Since being home, I feel like I'm re-meeting the city - like an old friend where the love is still there but you're not quite sure how to interact. I've come to appreciate the quiet confidence of this city. Toronto doesn't pulse like New York, where I lived for many years, but if you stay long enough - you'll notice that its heart beats with an authenticity and acceptance that's unique. 

Even though we're still getting reacquainted, I'm happy to be home."

Words by Laya Bail 

Lead image by Nunu Jamani
Second image by Angie McMonigal
March 03, 2021

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