HNDSM Merino T-Shirt

This t-shirt is amazing. Let us explain.

Our t-shirt is uncompromised with respect to comfort, functionality, aesthetics and longevity. Here is some insight into the process of creating our Merino wool t-shirt.

Natural Performance:

After searching for an entire year, we found our ideal Merino wool. It is natural and super soft. It is breathable, wicks sweat, resists odor, keeps you warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather. Merino wool is an incredible natural performance fabric and this t-shirt will show you how functional your clothing can be.

Crazy Comfortable:

This is the softest t-shirt we have ever worn. The finer the yarn, the nicer it feels against your skin and our Merino (16.5 micron) is some of the finest (literally). The t-shirt is noticeably comfortable every time you put it on. 

Designed To Look Good:

Most Merino t-shirts are designed for sport. They feel thin and look out of place in an everyday context. We decided on a midweight Merino (195 gsm) and a contemporary fit in order for the t-shirt to look good in a city context for meetings, dates or the movies. Don’t get us wrong, the t-shirts really perform when it comes to sport. Our t-shirts have run marathons, scaled mountains, and been a regular in yoga classes.

It Will Last For Years:

Durability is important to us. We chose a core-spun nylon Merino. This means that each thread has a thin nylon core that is wrapped with Merino wool. The benefits of Merino are maintained while enhancing the strength of the fabric. The t-shirts can last through years of washes, city life, travel and sport.

In short, you will look good, you will feel comfortable, you can wear the t-shirt in many contexts and it will last you for years to come. But don’t just take our word for it, try the t-shirt for yourself.

Made in Canada.

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