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Architectural Cuffs • Made in USA • Free Global Shipping

Our latest collection is inspired by cities we hold dear. Each design has a physical detail pulled from architectural references. The respective longitude/latitude is laser etched onto the side of each cuff. We have made the cuffs available in solid Sterling Silver (.925) or solid Black Titanium™.

Titanium is an exceptional metal that is both hypoallergenic and biocompatible. It is corrosion and scratch resistant with the highest strength to weight ratio of any known element. Unlike with coated finishes, the black color will not chip away as it runs through the entire metal. Black Titanium™ is a proprietary alloy that experiences an atomic transformation at the molecular level to become as hard as ceramic. The titanium turns black from the outside in by exposing the element to extreme heat.

Each bracelet is made in USA and comes with a leather case made in Italy.

Size 1: Recommended for small male wrists. Opening: 27 mm / Wrist Size: 15 - 17 cm

Size 2: Recommended for medium to large male wrists. Opening: 30 mm / Wrist Size: 17 - 20 cm


Rainbow Bridge
35.4034° N, 139.4715° E

Our Tokyo bracelet was inspired by The Rainbow Bridge. The suspension bridge’s official name is “Shuto Expressway No. 11 Daiba Route - Port of Tokyo Connector Bridge”, but since its completion in 1993, it has been known simply as The Rainbow Bridge. The bridge accommodates cars, mass transit and pedestrians.

We have replicated the steel rivets that were used in the construction of the bridge; a critical element of the construction that often goes unnoticed.

The rivet on the Black Titanium bracelet is made from Sterling Silver (.925). Like the rivets used on the Rainbow Bridge, it is a separate piece that has been irreversibly embedded.

Width: 2mm

Material: Black Titanium™ & Sterling Silver (.925)

Made in: USA

New York

Flatiron Building
40.7411° N, 73.9897° W

Our New York bracelet was inspired by The Flatiron Building. The iconic skyscraper was completed in 1902 as one of New York City’s tallest buildings. It was designed to fit in the triangular plot created at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Broadway.

The 22 story building was created by architect, Daniel Burnham, using a steel skeleton. This relatively new process, combined with precisely pre-cut steel, made for a fast-paced construction. It was completed within just one year. While the building was originally met with mixed reviews, it has become an iconic landmark in Manhattan.

The edge of our New York bracelet smoothly transitions into The Flatiron Building’s triangular shape, maintaining the proportions of the original structure.

Width: 4mm

Material: Black Titanium™ & Sterling Silver (.925)

Made in: USA


La Pyramide du Louvre
48.8609° N, 2.3358° E

Our Paris bracelet was inspired by La Pyramide du Louvre. The Parisian landmark was completed in 1984 by Chinese-American architect, I.M. Pei. The glass and metal structure offers a distinct modern aesthetic combined with a functional underground lobby.

I.M. Pei’s uncompromising vision was initially controversial with an aggressive juxtaposition to the Louvre Museum. It has now become an embraced piece of Paris’ design history.

The triangle shape has been scaled down and embossed into our cuff. The tapered shape of the pyramid can be seen within the bracelets’ triangle feature.

Width: 6mm

Material: Black Titanium™ & Sterling Silver (.925)

Made in: USA


Robie House
41.7898° N, 87.5959° W

The Chicago bracelet was inspired by one of America’s most celebrated architects, Frank Lloyd Wright. In his 70 year long career, Wright became known for his philosophy of “organic architecture”, creating buildings that were in harmony with their surroundings. He designed buildings holistically, creating the external design as well as details such as furniture, stained glass and cutlery.

He is attributed with being a leader of the Prairie School Style, the first architectural style that was wholly American. He designed the Robie House in Chicago which is seen as the quintessential example of this style. The home was finished in 1910, complete with Wright-designed windows, lighting, rugs, furniture and textiles.

One of the defining details of the Robie House is the I-shaped beams that held most of the building’s weight. This removed the burden from the exterior walls which could feature additional doors and art-based windows. Frank Lloyd Wright’s decision to leave the steel beams exposed was novel and illustrated the harmony between function and aesthetics. We have replicated these I-beams along the edge of our 8mm bracelet.

Width: 6mm

Material: Black Titanium™ & Sterling Silver (.925)

Made in: USA