HNDSM Merino is super soft and comfortable with a classic fit. Our t-shirts are very durable and will last years. They are odor resistant which means you wear them more and wash them less. They are thermoregulating so you can wear them all year round. Both these attributes make the t-shirt great for every day wear for both work and play.


Our Merino wool is super soft as it is made of superfine fibers that feel amazing against the skin. Our Merino fibers are 16.5 micron which is some of the finest Merino you can find. 


Merino sheep are renowned for providing the finest, best quality wool. Merino wool fibers are one-third to one-tenth the thickness of human hair! The smaller the fiber, the softer the fabric. Merino sheep grown between 4-6 pounds of Merino wool every year.


Merino wool is an all seasons fabric - it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. The merino fibers are active and react to changes in body temperature. When it is cold outside, the fibers trap air which is insulating. When it’s warm outside, the fibers move sweat away keeping us cool and dry.

Breathable and Sweat wicking

When it is hot outside or during increased activity levels, the skin releases sweat to try to cool the body down. Merino wool absorbs moisture from the body making the fabric feel dry against the skin. The Merino wool fibers can absorb up to 30% of their dry weight without feeling damp. Once in the fabric, that moisture evaporates. This is called wicking. 

Odor resistant 

Each fiber of merino wool has a water repellent, waxy coating with antibacterial properties that defend the garment against odor causing bacteria. Additionally, the core of merino wool fibers move together in constant friction providing a mechanical, self cleaning effect. Merino wool garments don't need the same frequent washing as cotton and other synthetic materials. They can simply be aired out with excellent results.


Core spun technology takes traditional Merino wool and spins it around a super-thin nylon core to create a stronger, more durable fabric. The end result marries the natural benefits of Merino wool with a high performance ability and improved strength that can withstand more washes and longer use.

195 gsm

GSM (grams per square meter) refers to the weight of a fabric. Generally, the thicker the fabric the higher the gsm value. A lower gsm means a thinner fabric. 195 gsm is a mid weight fabric that is versatile and suitable for warm weather or as a layering piece when it is cooler.

May 01, 2023

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