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We are really excited to share that Tanner Goods is HNDSM’s latest stockist. Check them out next time you are in SF or Portland. To celebrate, we caught up with Jevan (Co-Founder) and Christian (Buyer) for a Peer Portrait Short:

Recommendations in New York:

Jevan: My go to spot for the last decade is Village Yokocho. Always chill, everyone there is nice, 90s hip hop playing, pitchers of Sapporo, a variety of Japanese little bites. It’s always a fun scene. 

Christian: It’s my second time here. So far, my favorite is a bar called Clandestino. It’s a really chill, nice, local bar where there are no TVs. It’s all about the lighting, hanging out, drinking a few beers, not feeling crowded or rushed. It’s a great way to end the day after trade shows and all that. It’s right around the corner from Scarr’s Pizza (also a favorite) in that Chinatown/LES neighborhood.

Travel Essentials:

Jevan: For me, the Tanner Travel Wallet. It has a passport holder, my cards in here, a pen, my little journal. I have it all together so it’s easy to take notes, things on my mind and it keeps all my travel necessities close to me. 

Christian: Honestly, my travel essential would have to be headphones. I know that’s an easy one, but I just cannot live without my headphones. Just like going to Cladestino to get a drink after a long day when I’m out here, after getting a drink and heading back towards the airbnb, throwing on my headphones and cruising around a new city is an essential. I use airpods. They’re easy to keep track of and they’re on you.

Favorite moment of the day:

Christian: My favorite moment of the day is probably the first half an hour when I start work. I get there early, make sure I have all my stuff, my coffee, I have a moment of zen preparing for the day. Prepare my energy for the day.

March 10, 2020

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