It has become abundantly clear to us at HNDSM that the world as we know it, is changing permanently. Our needs, our expectations and the way we live our lives as individuals and consumers, have been significantly altered this year. Along with our own internal dialogue as a company, we have been having thoughtful conversations with our peers about the changes we have seen and the sustained changes we will continue to see in the future. We are dynamic, agile creators and we want to actively participate in the purposeful change that this year has necessitated. Going forward, we will be revising our prices and joining 1% For The Planet. 

Our strengths will remain the same; we will continue to make products using the best fabrics, materials and techniques that we can find. We will continue to consider all the details that enhance your experiences with our quality clothing, accessories and candles. HNDSM will always be a place that brings you exceptional and meaningful products that serve you for many years. We simply want our products to be priced as accessibly as possible in order for more people to enjoy what we are creating. 

We know that affordability, function, quality, comfort and enjoyment are core fundamentals amongst us all. We know that our values as a company and our contributions to the world at large are more important than ever and we believe that you all share the same sentiment. 

We understand that right now life is a lot less compartmentalized than when we commuted to work, went to a gym or had schools and daycares for our children. Now almost all of those things may have to happen under one roof. It is important to us that all those scenarios are made better because of HNDSM and what we offer. Whether it is a HNDSM merino t-shirt that is perfectly presentable on a video conference call, comfortable for playing on the floor with your kids or dog, or for a date, we realise that practicality and function are as essential as looking and feeling good. Be it a candle that adds good energy and positivity to your space or a piece of jewelry that transports you to a city you love or aspire to enjoy, we will do our best to give you what you deserve. 

Lastly, we want to ensure that our ongoing relationships with charities and organizations that are doing good things in the world are still being nurtured. We are now a part of 1% For The Planet. This means that we are accountable to donate 1% of our yearly gross revenue to charities that help the planet. We will continue to support organizations that aid causes that are in line with our values. 

We thank you for being a part of the conversation through our evolution and for your support over the years. We genuinely care about our community and our focus will always be you.

Be well, 


HNDSM Founder

August 20, 2020

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