Joya Studio x HNDSM

At HNDSM, we have been incredibly lucky to work with exceptional people that are experts in their respective fields. When we are at the drawing board, deciding what we want to release throughout the year, it isn't always a guarantee that we will find the right partner or be able to create the best version of the products we've imagined. Working with Joya Studio, from the very first visit, has been a great pleasure and an exercise in excellence. 

I had a conversation with the founder, Frederick Bouchardy for Peer Portraits and he said it best. "There are lots of people that can kind of do what we do, parts of what we do. Of course, we are in New York and we are using the best materials we can access. We have noteworthy projects and big clients and that means we can access pretty much anything that we want. That is something quite cool that we are able to pass on to some of our more niche clients. It is beyond added value. It’s one of our core tenants; the value that we provide to each client. That attention to detail, original formulations and just the idea that, and this doesn’t and shouldn’t have to matter to everyone, but the idea that you can come and be here and be a part of it. You know, it necessarily costs more to make something in New York where the facilities and insurance and the labour costs are higher than anywhere else in the entire world. But this is where we are and where we are all from. This is what inspires us and we kind of state our claim. There is not a lot of manufacturing that still goes on in New York even though there is a lot of talk about it. That is something that’s quite cool that we are very proud of."

Enjoy some behind the scenes imagery from the production day of our beautiful candles!

Mixing the ingredients HNDSM x Joya Pouring in the wax HNDSM x Joya

Ingredients HNDSM x Joya Freshly poured candles HNDSM x Joya


HNDSM Tokyo Candle

Joya x HNDSM HNDSM Paris Candle Adding the wick HNDSM x Joya

 Jumbo Candles HNDSM x Joya Joya Studio

Photography by Nunu Jamani

February 07, 2020

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