2 Pack: Big Trouble & Fast Friends | 2x 8 oz. Coffee


The Inspiration

Two of our favourite things in life are coffee and art.

The ritual of hand poured coffee every morning has become the grounding force of our day. We get the chance to share a few quiet moments in between running HNDSM and raising a family.

Our coffee is sourced from De Mello, a Toronto-based, award-winning roaster. In addition to De Mello's exceptional quality, they have a strong commitment to transparency and ethical sourcing.

2x 227 g | 8 oz.

Fast Friends

The Brazilian, whole bean coffee is a medium roast and offers notes of milk chocolate, pecan, vanilla and dark cherry.

A few years ago we came across Smolik, an incredibly talented Toronto-based artist. We have been following his amazing work and hoping for an opportunity to work together. We are very happy to introduce our first coffee, ‘Fast Friends’, using original imagery that he has created.

Big Trouble

Our second blend, ‘Big Trouble’, a Brazilian, dark roast, whole bean coffee. It is rich and smooth with notes of dark chocolate.

The custom artwork for ‘Big Trouble’ is created by artist, Tim Comix, whose work we absolutely love. The happy and colourful characters contrast the name of the blend which playfully references the occasional mood before that essential cup of morning coffee.