Jerry Tan

b. 1985

Jerry was always an interesting kid growing up. Instead of thinking “outside the box”, his teachers would regularly comment on how they weren’t sure Jerry saw a box at all. Rather than trying to bash the square block through the triangle hole, he would take apart the toy and defend the mess that was left behind as a work of abstract expressionism.

HNDSM gave Jerry a selection of our bracelets and stepped back. He came up with alternative ways to use them, which we have documented here for your study.

Jerry deviated from existing rules, often to the chagrin of those around him. This eccentricity came from his questioning of where societal norms originated. After all, if these concepts were simply created and perpetuated by other humans, why was Jerry’s perspective any less valid?

Jerry did what he could to control his variables. Since his childhood days, he enjoyed ending his day with cookies. His six brothers often did not have this discipline, but he felt that this should not impede his enjoyment.

Jerry incessantly thought about how we do not give our full attention to our fellow humans anymore.

“We have become an uncannily distracted species.”
- Jerry Tan

Jerry provided us with a list of unique qualities he believes the bracelets possess that will aid in alleviating this social malaise.

• The circular shape evenly frames the face for focused eye contact.
• The color contrast of the bracelet against the surrounding environment provides a clear delineation between what is important and what is not.
• The uniform texture is easy on the eye while providing a clear spatial focus.

Jerry was intensely diligent about his mental and physical health. From food to literature, the content he consumed was chosen with great deliberation.

He took the subway twice daily and made sure to look after his well-being for those 1,387 seconds (on average). He always made sure to ride during off-peak hours to ensure maximum personal space. The additional territory allowed for his mind to be at ease and gave him enough room for his dynamic stretches. He believed these to be imperative for a healthy blood circulation.

Jerry sought out rare experiences. He possessed a taste for the exotic and imported many of his favorite commodities. When importation proved to be a challenge, he found creative solutions.