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Handsome's newest line, The Teachers Collection is now available at Old Boys for pre-order.

Handsome's latest collection consists of seven designs, each inspired by a musical influence on the brand. Handsome's original designs showcase their abstract interpretation of each artist and their work. Artists that influenced the creation of The Teachers Collection include Daft Punk, Kid Cudi, David Bowie, Justice, The Beach Boys, Aphex Twin and Steppenwolf. 


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Old Boys will be carrying select designs from Handsome's The Outer Space Series. We currently have the final stock of the collection and it's pretty limited.

The Outer Spaces Series was inspired by the story of two scientists sent into outer space to retrieve a formidable weapon; The Lunar Crystal, one of the most potent sources of energy in our solar system. The men travel to the moon to find what they were looking for, but in the process their paths in life are changes profoundly. 

The Lunar Crystal reveals the oneness of the universe to the scientists who are blessed with superhuman cognitive abilities during their journey through all of time.

Check out The Outer Space Series Lookbook for the full story and listen to The Outer Space Mix.

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Old Boys is currently carrying The Pangea Collection by Handsome Clothing Co. Like all concept collections that Handsome has created, The Pangea Collection is complimented by a storyboard lookbook as well as an original mix.

The story is an uplifting tale of two time-travelers that venture through the universe and witness mankind’s history, mistakes and values. The two men travel to the conception of man and make a new attempt at a harmonious existence for humankind. 

The concept line is complimented by our new Storyboard Lookbook and The Pangea Mix, which is a soundtrack for the story created by Nacho Lovers (Fool’s Gold Records).

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